Japanese Language and Society Minor

Hiroko Hirakawa, Department of Modern Language Studies

This minor provides access to Japanese culture as well as insights into our own culture. The program focuses on language learning as a living, functioning and fun activity, and combines the development of language skills with the discovery of new ways to see and think about different cultures. It fosters international understanding and provides knowledge and skills that are becoming increasingly essential in our evolving global society.


Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 20 credit hours (five courses).

JAPN 101Communicating in Japanese I4
JAPN 102Communicating in Japanese II4
JAPN 201Intermediate Japanese I4
JAPN 202Intermediate Japanese II4
Select one of the following:4
Samurai in Word and Image
Japan: Road to War
Women in Modern Japan
Contemporary Japanese Society
Total Credits20

Total credit hours required for Japanese language and society minor is 20 credits