Anthropology Minor

Thomas Guthrie, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology promotes the study of society and culture. Since people live every aspect of life within a complex socio-cultural environment, it is possible to develop the self fully only with extensive knowledge of that environment. Both disciplines focus on the ubiquitous processes of social organization and the ways in which human knowledge, behavior and institutions are socially and culturally influenced. Anthropology, in particular, focuses on the study of cultural relativity and enables students to understand and appreciate ways of life and cultural systems different from their own.

The minor in anthropology is not available to SOAN majors.


Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of four courses and 14 credits.

SOAN 103Cultural Anthropology4
Select one elective in anthropology at the 200 level from the following:4
HP:The Anthropology of Colonialism
Culture & Sexuality in Africa
African Families in Transition
Special Topics 1
Native North America
Select two electives in anthropology at the 300 level from the following:8
Development Anthropology
Environmental Anthropology
Social Research Methods
Social Theory
Special Topics 1
African Cultures in Film
Total = Minimum of 14 Credits

Note: Only certain SOAN special topic courses can count toward the anthropology minor; check course listings and syllabi to make sure.

Minimum credit hours required for anthropology minor is 14 credits, although most students will earn more than 14 credits to complete the four courses in the minor.

Internships and independent studies cannot count toward the minor.

A student interested in taking a 400-level anthropology course must receive permission from both the instructor and department chair; if the course is successfully completed it may then count for one of the 300-level elective requirements.

Credit for courses taken at other institutions or while studying abroad: before attending other institutions, students should obtain a “Request to Take Coursework at Another Institution” form from the Registrar’s Office and have their courses approved in writing by the SOAN department chair. Departmental approval to take a course off campus is contingent upon the content and evaluation requirements of the course (which should meet SOAN departmental standards), whether the course is regularly offered by the SOAN Department, the student’s academic standing and level, and the extent to which the course is consistent with the student’s educational goals.