Sociology and Anthropology Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Anthropology

The sociology and anthropology major requires a minimum of eight courses and 30 credits.

SOAN 100Introduction to Sociology4
SOAN 103Cultural Anthropology4
One elective at the 200 level 4
One elective at the 300 level4
One elective at any level4
SOAN 337Social Research Methods4
SOAN 342Social Theory4
One elective at the 400 level taken either in the senior year, or after all other requirements have been fulfilled4
Total = Minimum of 30 Credits

Minimum credits hours required for A.B. degree in sociology and anthropology is 30 credits, although most students will earn more than 30 credits to complete the eight courses required in the major. 

Notes: A student may substitute one internship or independent study at the 200 or 300 level for one elective at the same level. Students may not receive credit at the 400 level for an independent study.

Under special circumstances, with the approval of the department chair, a student may substitute a second 300-level elective for the required 200-level elective.

Students considering graduate school in sociology or social work are strongly encouraged to take an elementary statistics course at Guilford or elsewhere.

Credit for courses taken at other institutions or while studying abroad: Before attending other institutions, students should obtain a “Request to Take Coursework at Another Institution” form from the Registrar’s Office and have their courses approved in writing by the SOAN department chair. Departmental approval to take a course off campus is contingent upon the content and evaluation requirements of the course (which should meet SOAN departmental standards), whether the course is regularly offered by the SOAN Department, the student’s academic standing and level, and the extent to which the course is consistent with the student’s educational goals. SOAN 337 Social Research Methods Social Research Methods, SOAN 342 Social Theory and the 400-level elective will not be accepted as transfer credit and may not be taken at a consortium school.