My Collaborative Quest (MYCQ)

MYCQ 050.  Internship Placeholder.  1-8.  
MYCQ 100.  Initiate: You Are Here.  4.  

The Initiate course is the initial academic experience for every undergraduate degree-seeking Guilford College student. This course, team-taught by an instructor cluster of transdisciplinary faculty, provides an immersive introduction to who we are at Guilford and the learning experiences that lie ahead. Students taking this team-taught course will be supported by Guilford Guides, staff, and students. Initiate is built around two fundamental questions: “Who are we?” and “What does it mean to be curious?” Students take the first steps toward identifying an emerging curiosity that will launch their path through this experience and their entire education. Course assignments, activities, learning, and multidisciplinary content will model and anticipate the team-based, hands-on projects that students will use to address real-world problems.

MYCQ 101.  Reflection Seminar I.  1.  

Reflective Seminar I continues the transition to Guilford’s community and academic program and builds student experience further with each student engaging in continual reflection on their education and experience. As a continuation of the Initiate course, this course shares the same general outcomes of that course.

MYCQ 102.  Study Abroad Orientation.  1-2.  

Required of all students planning to study abroad. CR/NC.

MYCQ 150.  Reflection Seminar.  8.  
MYCQ 171.  Introduction to Community Learning.  1-2.  

Explores complex social issues related to community service. Students volunteer weekly at sites in the Greensboro community and connect their service, academic, and personal development via electronic portfolios. The course also serves as an orientation to the Bonner Scholars program; enrollment is limited to new Bonner Scholars. CR/NC.

MYCQ 181.  Learning Strategies.  1-2.  

This course will focus on such topics as grade-point-average management, time management, learning style inventories, evaluation of learning skills and reading skills, staging the writing process, effective and efficient ways to memorize, taking notes, studying for tests and taking responsibility for one's own education.

MYCQ 201.  Reflection Seminar II.  1.  

This course introduces students to the view that they are, indeed, academics and are capable of building upon their own academic curiosities. Students focus on their own strengths and next steps as learners and supports them in their understanding of collaboration. Each student should begin the discussion and construction of their path toward their Contribution.

MYCQ 250.  Special Topics.  16.  
MYCQ 260.  Independent Study.  1-8.  
MYCQ 350.  Special Topics.  16.  
MYCQ 450.  Special Topics.  16.  
MYCQ 460.  Independent Study.  1-8.  
MYCQ 470.  Senior Thesis.  1-8.